Search Management after the Initial Response


This course is the companion to our highly successful course ‘Managing the Initial Response’. It deals with the issues relating to the management of an incident involving a search for a missing person that goes on beyond the Initial Response phase (the first operational period - 8 to 12 hours or so). It has much in common with our Initial Response course which is a recommended precursor to this course.  Whilst the course is classroom based, there is an extensive practical element with several 'table top' incidents to work on.

This course is designed to consider further actions, or what to do next, for those incidents which are not concluded within the Initial Response phase and covers elements such as:

  • phases after the Initial Response
  • wider area search tactics
  • investigation and interviewing techniques
  • search probabilities
  • pre plans and mutual aid
  • inter agency working
  • communications and public relations
  • ICT, technology and social media

As with the Initial Response course this course employs the same principles in that:

  • it is based on the Six Step Process which is:
    • a logical and intuitive process
    • cyclical to account for new information and developments
  • it uses the same documentation

It is suitable for those with a responsibility or interest for managing search operations or those in training to do so.  The course lasts for one whole day and can be organised to run concurrently with the Initial Response course.

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for people who are likely to be involved in managing incidents that go beyond the Initial Response and -

  • Have attended the course ‘Managing the Initial Response’
  • Have had experience of managing the Initial Response to an incident involving a search for a missing person

Why is there a need for a new course?

If we look at what happens in each of the Six Steps in our new course we will see that some of them are very different to what happened in the Initial Response.

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