• Monday, July 5, 2021

Course Delivery Resumed

We are very pleased to announce that delivery of our courses has at long last resumed.

Following a break of fifteen months due to the restrictions imposed upon us all as a result of the pandemic, Pete and Carl delivered TCSR's Initial Response Search Management course last weekend (26th June).  This was conducted in a Covid-safe way, of course.

The course was hosted by the Severn Area Rescue Association, and delivered at Gloucester North Fire Station.  As well as members of The Severn Area Rescue Association there were also members of the Western Beacons Mountain Rescue Team in attendance.

It was great to be back delivering courses and being amongst enthusiastic and willing participants.  We very much look forward to what will hopefully be a resumption of normal service.

We now need to, once again, reschedule quite a number of courses which were booked for 2020 but obviously unable to go ahead.  We will endeavour to get to all organisations with such bookings as soon as possible and would be grateful for your understanding, co-operation and flexibility as we endeavour to catch up and clear the backlog.