• Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Search Skills Trainers for Irish Coast Guard

New Search Skills Trainers for Irish Coast Guard

The weekends of 13th to 15th October and 10th to 12th November, saw the culmination of this round of TCSR’s Search Field Skills Train the Trainer programme for the Irish Coast Guard.

The journey began for the new instructors back in February in Nenagh, County Tipperary, when TCSR instructors Pete and Carl took them through all the search skills course modules in great detail, identifying the key teaching points and the information to be conveyed by each slide in the various presentations.

There was also extensive outdoor work where the practical elements of the course were demonstrated and how to set them up and monitor the progress of trainees explained.

Each of the potential new instructors were supplied with all the materials necessary to teach the course.  They then had eight or nine months to digest the information and familiarise themselves with the material and its delivery before they underwent formal assessment to become licensed by TCSR to teach this course to Irish Coast Guard colleagues.

October brought the first assessment weekend where the first cohort of six potential instructors were put through their paces in Carrigaline near Cork.  They set up practical search sessions, completed a formal written examination, delivered modules from the course and ran the practical to a group of Irish Coast Guard Trainees.  This pattern was repeated in Castlebar, County Mayo, with the second cohort of seven potential instructors. All this was carried out whilst under the support and scrutiny of Pete and Carl who ensured that all were up to a suitable standard to teach TCSR material.

It is a testimony to the hard work, commitment and dedication of the thirteen candidates for assessment that all were able to be licensed to deliver TCSR’s Search Field Skills course.  TCSR are delighted to welcome them to the instructor cadre and encourage them to maintain and develop their existing skills by regularly teaching the course.

Well done to all.